Banking & Finance

Print Mail Logistics Limited v Warratah Investments Pty Ltd [2018] FCA 1618

CORPORATIONS – application to set aside a statutory demand or in the alternative for a permanent injunction – where creditor has refused to assign securities – whether the affidavit accompanying the statutory demand met the requirements of s 459E(3) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Act) – whether creditor is intentionally acting to impair securities that ought to be available for a guarantor or an incoming financier upon payment of the principal debt – whether the Court should set aside the demand on the basis of s 459H(1) or s 459J(1)(b) of the Act or grant a permanent injunction – application allowed.

David Rayment represented the Plaintiff.

Reasons for the decision can be found here.

Kekatos v Westpac Banking Corporation [2016] NSWCA 205

APPEAL – application for leave – where default judgment for money sum and possession of property set aside by consent – where subsequent application to set aside consent order and reinstate default judgment but for lesser amount – whether arguable defence to judgment for lesser amount – leave refused

Tim D. Castle appeared for Westpac Bank.

Arab Bank of Australia Ltd v Jeitani [2016] NSWSC 617

REAL PROPERTY – possession of land – mortgages - mortgagor in default – sale of properties by mortgagee in possession – GST gross-up clauses in sale contracts – mortgagee required to pay GST on sales – whether gross-up clauses should have been enforced – whether any duty owed in that regard to guarantor of mortgagor – guarantee not called upon – undertaking by mortgagee not to call on guarantor – whether guarantor suffered loss by failure to enforce gross-up clauses

REAL PROPERTY – mortgages – rights of mortgagor – to discharge the mortgage – whether loan and mortgage regulated under the Consumer Credit Code – Business Purpose Declaration signed by mortgagor – whether lender knew or had to reason to believe the loan was wholly or predominantly for personal, domestic or household purposes – refusal by mortgagee to discharge mortgage on the basis that mortgage secured other loans – whether mortgagee acted unreasonably – whether obligation on mortgagor’s part to tender amount owing to mortgagee in the face of refusal to discharge

Tim D. Castle acted for Arab Bank of Australia Ltd.

Menzies v Paccar Financial Pty Ltd [2016] FCA 400

ANSHUN ESTOPPEL - Whether applicants precluded by Anshun estoppel from obtaining claims under Independent Contractors Act 2006 (Cth) – whether Supreme Court of New South Wales invested with federal jurisdiction with respect to such claims – whether unreasonable for applicants to refrain from making such claims in earlier proceedings – whether claims for malicious prosecution and abuse of process have any reasonable prospect of success

David Rayment appeared for the finance company, PACCAR Financial Pty Ltd instructed by Mills Oakley Solicitors.