Jane Seymour appointed Senior Fellow, University of Melbourne Law School

Jane Seymour has been appointed a Senior Fellow of University of Melbourne Law School.  

Jane will be lecturing in the Masters of Employment and Labour Law postgraduate degree, on the subject Conducting Workplace Investigations. 

This subject investigates the legal regulation of workplace bargaining in Australia. With the requirement that bargaining be conducted in ‘good faith’ under the Fair Work Act 2009(Cth), this has become one of the most contested areas of federal labour regulation. The subject is informed by the historical, political and economic factors that have shaped the development of the law, as well as relevant international legal principles. While the focus of the subject is on the system regulating workplace bargaining under the Fair Work Act, other relevant areas of law are analysed, including the common law regulation of strikes and industrial action and the contract of employment. The special regulation of bargaining and industrial action in the building and construction industry is also examined.

Semester 1 Intensive
05 Apr - 11 Apr 2017 (excluding the weekend)
10.00am - 5.00pm