"Visible Targets: the Case for Equitable Briefing" research report by Kate Eastman SC released

A groundbreaking research report on rates of courtroom briefing of female counsel in NSW written by 6 St James' Hall's Kate Eastman SC has been released and is now available online for download.

The report asks: Why are women invisible in the courts?

"The women of the New South Wales Bar are among the best educated, qualified and experienced lawyers in Australia. Our women members include university medallists, and those holding multiple postgraduate degrees including doctorates from the world’s premier tertiary institutions. Our women have wide ranging experience in science, business, international affairs, health, teaching, government and academia."

The report demonstrates that women are not appearing in numbers commensurate with the proportion of women at the Bar.

The author asks: what should be done to provide women barristers with the same opportunities as their male counterparts?

The purpose of this research is to examine whether targets are required and the nature of the target for a revised Law Council National Model Equitable Briefing Policy, adopted by the Law Council of Australia on 18 June 2016.