Yoshe Taylor

A successful result for Yoshe Taylor

6 St James Hall Senior Counsel Dr Christopher Ward SC has worked for some years for Australian Yoshe Taylor.  Ms Taylor was sentenced by a Cambodian Court to 23 years imprisonment on drug trafficking charges arising from a complex scam.  After a successful appeal in 2018 to Cambodia’s highest Court, Ms Taylor was finally acquitted of all charges on her re-trial in April 2019.  After serving 6 years of that sentence in extremely difficult conditions, Ms Taylor returned today to Australia.  Dr Ward thanks all of the members of the legal team, and particularly Alex Wilson of Lethbridges Solicitors, and Cambodian Counsel Mr So Mosseny. Dr Ward and Ms Wilson worked on the matter pro bono.

Further details can be found in the Sydney Morning Herald and the ABC News.

6 St James Hall counsel in Cambodian human rights case

Dr Christopher Ward SC welcomes the verdict of the Cambodian Supreme Court quashing the conviction of Queensland resident Yoshe Taylor for drug trafficking.  Dr Ward is a member of the Australian legal team that has provided pro bono assistance to Ms Taylor and recently travelled to Cambodia to assist the appeal.  Yoshe has spent almost five years in prison in Cambodia and the legal processes to secure her freedom now continue in light of her successful appeal.