The counsel of 6 St James Hall's Workplace and Discrimination Practice Group are recognised as leading employment practitioners.

They have extensive experience in providing strategic advice to public and private sector employers, unions and individuals. 

Counsel are also recognised experts in conducting workplace investigations.

Counsel appear throughout Australia in all courts, the Fair Work Commission, Australian Human Rights Commission, as well as a wide range of tribunals and mediations.


Adverse Action & General Protection

Bullying Claims

Compliance & Training

Disciplinary Disputes

Employment Contracts

Enterprise & Collective Agreements

Equal Remuneration

Equality Opportunity & Discrimination

Foreign Employees

Injured Workers & Return to Work

Independent Contractors

International Labour Organisation Standards

Public Sector Employment

Redundancy & Workplace Restructure

Restraint of Trade

Sexual Harassment

Supply Chains & Employment Rights

Unfair Contracts

Unfair Dismissal

Work Health & Safety

Workplace Investigations