Arab Bank of Australia Ltd v Jeitani [2016] NSWSC 617

REAL PROPERTY – possession of land – mortgages - mortgagor in default – sale of properties by mortgagee in possession – GST gross-up clauses in sale contracts – mortgagee required to pay GST on sales – whether gross-up clauses should have been enforced – whether any duty owed in that regard to guarantor of mortgagor – guarantee not called upon – undertaking by mortgagee not to call on guarantor – whether guarantor suffered loss by failure to enforce gross-up clauses

REAL PROPERTY – mortgages – rights of mortgagor – to discharge the mortgage – whether loan and mortgage regulated under the Consumer Credit Code – Business Purpose Declaration signed by mortgagor – whether lender knew or had to reason to believe the loan was wholly or predominantly for personal, domestic or household purposes – refusal by mortgagee to discharge mortgage on the basis that mortgage secured other loans – whether mortgagee acted unreasonably – whether obligation on mortgagor’s part to tender amount owing to mortgagee in the face of refusal to discharge

Tim D. Castle acted for Arab Bank of Australia Ltd.