Commercial Law

The counsel of 6 St James Hall Chambers's Commercial Disputes Resolution practitioners are leading advocates of the Australian Bar.

They provide swift, accurate, cost-effective advice.

They appear for clients from a range of sectors including retail, financial services, media, energy and resources, pharmaceuticals, leisure and gaming, superannuation funds, aged care, manufacturing and property development & management. 

practice Areas

Banking & Finance

Corruption and Anti-Bribery

Commercial Contracts

Corporate Law & Directors' Duties


Insurance & Reinsurance

Investment Schemes

Professional Liability

Securities Litigation

Shareholder Disputes

Public Law

The counsel of 6 St James Constitutional and Government Administration practice group advise and appear in superior courts & tribunals for governments, regulators, public instrumentalities, corporations and private individuals.


Administrative Law

Constitutional Law

Judicial Review

Merits Review

Parliamentary Law

Public Interest Immunity


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The International Law practice group of 6 St James Hall Chambers is the Southern Hemisphere's pre-eminent international law practice.  Led by prominent Senior Counsel Dr Christopher Ward SC, the group consists of leading independent practitioners of international law including Senior Counsel (fomerly known as ‘QCs’), experienced junior counsel and senior academics. Our counsel have unrivalled reputations for the provision of exceptional service at the highest levels. They are reputable, ethical, experienced and cost effective. They provide intelligent, focused and responsive advice and representation to Governments and States, major listed corporations, diplomats and individuals throughout the world. 


Sandrine Alexandre-Hughes

Specialist in Private International Law (Conflict of Laws, Cross-border Enforcement) applied to Commercial, Family and Succession matters. International arbitration.

Former Legal Officer at the Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference on Private International Law.

Fluent both in English and French.


Specialist in Human Rights Law

Tim D Castle

Chair, UNCITRAL National Co-ordination Committee of Australia, Co-Chair New York State Bar Association International Section's Australian Chapter, Deputy Chair, International Law Section, Law Council of Australia


Specialist in Private International Law (Conflicts of Law), Cross-Jurisdictional Trusts & Succession Disputes


Specialist in Maritime Law & Employment Relations Law


Director of Studies, International Law Association (Australian Branch); Specialist in Transnational Corporations, Migration Law


Director, Centre for International & Public Law, Professor of Constitutional Law, Australian National University


Senior Counsel and international law specialist; global President of the International Law Association; Adjunct Professor of Law, Australian National University

Practice Areas

Admiralty & Maritime Law

Anti-Corruption Law

Anti-Dumping Law

Anti-Money Laundering Law

Aviation Law

Counter-Terrorism Financing Law

Cross-Border Insolvency

Diplomatic & Sovereign Immunity

Enforcement of Foreign Judgments & Awards

Foreign Bribery Law

Human Rights Law

Indigenous Rights

International Commercial Arbitration

International Environmental Regulation

International Financial Regulation

International Humanitarian Law

Investor-State Disputes

Law of the Sea

Laws of War & Armed Conflict

Litigation Before International Tribunals

Maritime Boundary Delimitations

Oil, Gas and Resources Investments

Private International Law

Public International Law

Refugee & Migration Law

Singapore International Commercial Court

Trade Law incl WTO Disputes

United Nations Sanctions



The counsel of 6 St James Hall's Workplace and Discrimination Practice Group are recognised as leading employment practitioners.

They have extensive experience in providing strategic advice to public and private sector employers, unions and individuals. 

Counsel are also recognised experts in conducting workplace investigations.

Counsel appear throughout Australia in all courts, the Fair Work Commission, Australian Human Rights Commission, as well as a wide range of tribunals and mediations.


Adverse Action & General Protection

Bullying Claims

Compliance & Training

Disciplinary Disputes

Employment Contracts

Enterprise & Collective Agreements

Equal Remuneration

Equality Opportunity & Discrimination

Foreign Employees

Injured Workers & Return to Work

Independent Contractors

International Labour Organisation Standards

Public Sector Employment

Redundancy & Workplace Restructure

Restraint of Trade

Sexual Harassment

Supply Chains & Employment Rights

Unfair Contracts

Unfair Dismissal

Work Health & Safety

Workplace Investigations

Markets & Regulation

The counsel of 6 St James Hall's Markets & Regulation practice group are leading advocates of the Australian Bar practising in the areas of Market Conduct Regulation, Prudential Regulation, Competition Policy and Digital Financial Services.

They provide swift, accurate, cost-effective advice carefully attuned to the public policy objectives of regulators and the commercial issues of business.



Banking & Financial Services 

Competition Policy

Consumer Protection

Foreign Investment


Prudential Regulation


Trade Practices

Wealth Management

Building & Construction

Counsel of 6 St James' Hall's Building & Construction Practice Group provide expert advice and appear in all aspects of building and construction litigation and dispute resolution. 

Our counsel advise and appear for developers, builders, homeowners, contractors and suppliers. 

Practice Areas

Building Law

Construction Disputes

Construction Insurance

Defective Work

Home Building

Security of Payments

property, trusts & estates

The counsel of 6 St James Hall's Equity Group are leading advocates of the Australian Bar.

They provide swift, accurate, cost-effective advice.

Counsel advise and appear in contested property disputes, applications by trustees for judicial advice and directions, and wills, probate and administration matters.

practice Areas



Family Provision

Judicial Advice

Specific Performance

Testamentary Capacity

Trustee Applications


Wills Administration & Contests


The counsel of our Royal Commissions, Inquiries and Investigations Practice Group provide the expert advocacy, forensic analysis, & strategic leadership most needed to best manage complex, evolving, and often high profile Royal Commissions and other public inquiries and investigations.

Recent examples include:

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into Child Sexual Abuse, including for victims, the Salvation Army and the Anglican Church

Trade Union Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance & Corruption

Special Commission of Inquiry into the Greyhound Racing Industry in NSW

Lindt Cafe Siege Inquest, for NSW Police

ICAC's Operation Spicer for Senator the Hon. Arthur Sinodinos

ACMA investigations for radio licencees

ASIC investigations into Australian financial services licensees

CASA inquiries

Media & Reputation

The counsel of 6 St James Hall Reputation & Media practice group have extensive experience advising on the prompt, appropriate and effective management of media inquiries, defamatory publications, and applications for suppression and non-publication orders.

Counsel appear throughout Australia for media interests, corporate clients and individuals, including in jury and non-jury trials and appeals, and before bodies including ACMA, the AAT, NCAT, ICAC, the Police Integrity Commission & Inquests.      

Counsel advise and appear both for and against Australia’s leading print and electronic media, television networks and public broadcasters.

Counsel also advise Australian and international film and television production houses, independent film producers, and film funding bodies.


ACMA Complaints

Breach Complaints

Broadcasting Law

Contempt of Court/Parliament

Defamation & Injurious Falsehood

Film Advice

Internet Publications

Media Strategy & Advice

Misleading & Deceptive Conduct

Non-Publication & Suppression Orders

Pre-publication Advice


Public Interest Immunity


Vilification & Hate Speech


In arbitration, one or more arbitrators selected by the disputing parties determine the outcome of the dispute. 

Several of our counsel are Accredited Arbitrators and arbitrate a variety of disputes.


All our counsel represent clients in consensual dispute resolution processes, such as mediation, outside the court system. 

They advise clients as to choice of process, how to keep control over decision-making during the process and its final outcome.

Five counsel are Accredited Mediators and mediate a variety of disputes.


The Family Law barristers at 6 St James Hall provide expert advice and appear in all aspects of domestic and international family law proceedings, both at first instance and on appeal.




Parenting Disputes

Property Settlement

Care & Protection

Child Support and Maintenance


LGBTI Family Law

Children’s Guardian

Family Provision

Independent Children’s Lawyer

International Family Matters

- Child abduction (Hague and Non-Hague Convention cases)

- Jurisdictional & Enforcement Disputes