McDonald v Commissioner of Police (No 2) [2016] NSWIRComm 1032

POLICE – Senior Constable – application pursuant to section 84 for relief in relation to unfair dismissal – application by the respondent that application be struck out on the ground that the Commission does not have jurisdiction – bullying and harassment at work – discrimination in the course of employment – unwarranted investigation into conduct outside of work hours – diagnosed with depression/anxiety and deemed unfit for work – no option other than to resign from employment – constructively dismissed – rights of appeal for police officers – comparison of rights conferred by Part 9 of the Police Act with rights conferred by Chapter 2 Part 6 of the Act – Part 9 of the Police Act 1990 establishes exclusive scheme whereby dismissed police officers are able seek relief – no jurisdiction under Chapter 2 Part 6 of the Act to hear and determine the applicant’s unfair dismissal claim – application dismissed

Michael Seck appeared for the Commissioner of Police