Practice & Procedure

PHAN V R [2018] NSWCCA 225

CRIME – conviction appeal – attempt to possess a commercial quantity of an unlawfully imported border controlled substance contrary to ss 11.1 and 307.5 of the Criminal Code (Cth)

CRIME – procedure – four accused – verdicts returned against two accused when jury was constituted by 12 jurors – lengthy jury deliberations – jury notes – Black direction in respect of co-accused – “partial” Black direction in respect of co-accused and appellant – discharge of juror – order that trial continue with 11 jurors – Black direction in respect of co-accused and appellant – discharge of another juror – order that the trial continue with 10 jurors – illness of juror in jury room – jury allowed to separate over Christmas – upon return of jury, third juror discharged – order that trial continue with 9 jurors – note from juror – examination by judge of juror and foreperson – jury discharged in respect of coaccused – jury not discharged in respect of appellant – guilty verdict returned shortly thereafter

CRIME – s 53C Jury Act – discharge of jurors – consideration of risk of substantial miscarriage of justice – secrecy of jury deliberations – maintenance of a fair trial – trial in progress beyond 2 months – order of jury deliberations – whether error in ordering continuation of trial with 9 jurors – anxiety disorder of discharged juror – unprecedented length of jury deliberations – reasonableness and well-being of remaining jurors – whether discharge of three jurors upset the balance of the remaining jurors – whether error in declining to discharge the jury following receipt of juror’s note and examination of juror and foreperson – whether error in continuing trial after discharge of jury in respect of coaccused – whether discharged juror may have been a dissentient juror – benefit of hindsight – whether error in confining consideration of discharge to the likelihood of reaching a unanimous verdict – s 56(3) Jury Act – House v The King error – failure to consider whether the ability of the nine remaining jurors to carry out their function had been compromised – substantial miscarriage of justice – guilty verdict quashed

Dr James Stellios represented the First Intervenor.

Reasons for the decision can be found here.

Luo v Windy Hills Australian Game Meats Pty Ltd (No 2) [2018] NSWSC 1139 (24 July 2018)

PRACTICE & PROCEDURE – COSTS – Security for costs – individual plaintiff ordinarily resident outside Australia – corporate defendant admittedly unable to meet a costs order – whether security for costs should be refused because of the merits of the plaintiffs’ claim – relevance of defendants’ failure to comply with undertaking given to the Court – whether ordering security will stultify proceedings – other factors said to be relevant to exercise of discretion

David Rayment represented the Plaintiffs/Respondents.

Reasons for the decision can be found here.