The Qualities of an Effective Mediator

In "So what makes a good mediator?", Aled Davies identified these qualities as essential in a good mediator: (1) rapport building skills - the ability to create trusting relationships; (2) business acumen/commercial acumen; (3) leadership; and (4) emotional intelligence.

I tackled the same question in a series of six posts, each entitled "So you want an effective mediator? What qualities should you demand?". My six qualities were much more nuts-and-bolts. They focused on issues that often arise in mediation and how to resolve them.

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Essential Services Commission of South Australia Arbitrator Panel

Dominique Hogan-Doran SC has been appointed to the Essential Services Commission of South Australia's Arbitrator Panel for the determination of third party access disputes in the electricity, gas, water & sewerage infrastructure, ports and rail industries in South Australia.

Arbitration may be required in a dispute over access to regulated port, water or rail infrastructure, where conciliation has not been successful. 

Essential requirements for any person appointed as an arbitrator include the following:

  • properly qualified to act in the resolution of the dispute,
  • independent of the parties to the dispute (to be clarified at the time of a dispute arising), and
  • not subject to the control or direction of the Government of either the Northern Territory or South Australia in any capacity.

Dominique maintains chambers in South Australia, where she is a member of one of Adelaide's leading barristers'  chambers, Edmund Barton Chambers.

Technology in ADR: Computers as Mediators

On 13 July 2016, Robert Angyal SC made a presentation to the NSW Bar Association as part of a seminar on ‘Technology in ADR: Computers as Mediators’.  His presentation, ‘Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water … What are the implications for barristers?’, examined strategies for dealing with competition from computerised online dispute resolution systems (ODR), and recommended that lawyers compete by differentiating the services they could offer from those provided by ODR. 

You can download his PowerPoint Presentation from here.